For those of you who have experienced the birth of your new love, you know that it is a day that changes your world like no other. It is worth documenting beautifully.

Birth Stories are a relatively new genre in Photography.    When I tell people I document “Birth Stories”.  They look at me puzzled and ask me something along the lines of, “So, you take pictures of the baby coming out of the who ha?”   I laugh with them and then explain that is the “Moment of Birth”,  I document the “story” of the birth, which for some who want it, can include the moment of birth.

Below is a short video recapping a birth story to help show you what it is all about.

I got the call about 8 a.m. that the momma believed her water was leaking and they were heading in.

The family delivered their first child with no medical interventions and a relatively short labor.  They were hoping for the same with their second.  However, after 24 plus hours with no real progression, interventions were started and not tolerated well by the baby.  Which led to the need of an emergency Cesarian.

The grandmothers, whom spent the whole time right along the laboring momma, had to wait anxiously outside the operating room doors.  My favorite part of this video is when they find out if the cry’s they heard came from their new grandson or granddaughter…

“I had toyed with getting professional photos done for the new baby’s arrival after realizing I didn’t have a single photo of my first child and I at the hospital, and only one of her with my husband. The whole experience was a whirlwind, and I regretted not having many moments captured of that life-changing day.  During our fall family session with Melissa Bernhardt, she mentioned she wanted to do birth photography, so I hopped on the chance to have her capture the 2nd and final time I became “Mom“. She stuck with us from 9a on November 30th to 8p on December 1st and in the process became family. My husband has said that it’s the best money we’ve spent, and I agree. I will look at these moments over and over throughout the years, and there will be different meaning each time.   If you are considering having someone capture yours, I recommend it – and especially Melissa“. –Rachel Parsons